Winterising Your Pool

Customers who live in an area where the weather gets cold will need to close their pool for the winter to protect it from structural damage. This is called “winterising”. You’ll find that the steps for closing a pool are similar to those for pool start-up.

  • Check the water balance, and adjust if necessary.
  • Perform any necessary housekeeping.  Brush and vacuum the pool thoroughly.  Clean the waterline, the skimmer box and basket, and the pump’s hair/lint strainer basket.  If the pool is to be completely shut down, store the baskets.
  • Sanitise and clarify the pool.  This is “winterising”, a simple three-step process
  • Top-up Baquacil to 50ppm.
  • Add a maintenance dose of Baquacil Concentrated Algicide.
  • Add a maintenance dose of Baqua Shock
  • Backwash and clean the filter.  Never store a dirty filter because deposits may harden over the winter, leaving a tough job in the spring.  Filter Clean will remove organic and mineral deposits, leaving the filter ready for the start-up in spring. (Pool Algicide & Winteriser may also be used following label instructions.)
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for winterising pool filter and equipment in your area.
  • Cover the pool.  This will keep the water free of leaves and airborne debris.  If a mesh cover is used or the pool is not covered, check the level of Baquacil about once a month.  If the level drops to 25ppm, add a top-up dose (pouring around the sides of pool) to bring the level back to 50ppm.
  • In areas with mild winters, some pool owners leave the pool open.  As pool   usage declines in the cooler weather, reduce regular maintenance.  Check the level of Baquacil and pH every two to four weeks (depending on the severity of the winter) and top up as necessary.  Run the filter system at least 8 hours a day.  Remove leaves and debris from the pool as necessary.