Spa Care

Proper care and maintenance can ensure that your spa pool is free of algae and bacteria growth.


Chlorine sanitisers will kill bacteria and prevent the growth of algae in spa pools. The choice is easy with Bluewater Spacare.

Bluewater Spacare Chlorine:
Stabilised with isocyanuric acid.


Water balance in the spa pool is the relationship between pH and total alkalinity plus the sanitiser you use. Water quality can vary widely depending on it’s source. If you fi ll your spa pool by tap, bore or rainwater you will have to treat it differently to obtain ideal pool conditions. Maintaining water balance is important as if the pH is stable to run as your chlorine will work efficiently to sanitise the water and kill algae.

1. Total Alkalinity
Levels should be maintained between 120- 150p.p.m. Low alkalinity can lead to unstable pH levels and could cause corrosion. Increase low alkalinity with Bluewater Spacare buffer.

2. pH Control:
Levels should be maintained between 7.2-7.6p.p.m as a high pH can cause the sanitiser to become less efficient, water will become cloudy and scale may develop on surfaces. Adjust high pH by adding Bluewater Spacare pH decrease following label directions. Low pH can lead to corrosion and irritation of the skin and eyes. Increase low pH by adding Bluewater Spacare pH increase.


Maintaining the water quality in your spa requires the following:
1. Shock Dosing:
This is an essential part of any maintenance programme, which quickly clears and sanitises spa water. Some wastes such as perspiration, cosmetics and body fats cannot be removed through only filtration. A weekly shock dose of Bluewater chlorine is recommended. Leave spa pool circulating until chlorine level has dropped below 3p.p.m before using the pool.

2. Filtration:
Chemical treatment and filtration go hand in hand run the filter for a minimum of 3 hours per day and clean the filter every 1-2 weeks.

3. Changing the water:
Filtering out wastes in a spa pool is not easily done and over ! me the build up will leave the water dull and cloudy. Shock dosing may help but changing the water regularly is the most hygienic way, so do this every 1-3 months.


Bluewater Spacare off ers a stabilised form of chlorine to suit any pools needs:

Stabilised Pool Chlorine
– Sodium Dichloroisocyanuric Acid

Start-up Procedure:
To ensure that your spa is healthy and safe to use, be sure to test the water balance on a daily basis. Our Palintest test strips are ideal for this purpose and provide quick results. pH levels and chlorine levels should be checked so that they are in the proper range for sanitisation.

1. Test Water:
Ideal levels: pH: 7.2—7.6
Alkalinity: 120-150p.p.m
Chlorine: 2—3p.p.m
Bromine: 4-6p.p.m

2. Adjust water:
· Add Bluewater Spacare buffer to increase alkalinity.
For example: a 2000 litre spa; 34 grams will increase alkalinity by 10 p.p.m
· Add Bluewater Spacare decrease to decrease pH.
For example: a 2000 litre spa; 25 grams will
decrease pH by 0.3 units.
· Add Bluewater Spacare increase to increase pH.
For example: a 2000 litre spa; 20 grams will increase pH by units.

Once alkalinity and pH are correct add 50 grams of Bluewater Spacare chlorine to ini” ally shock dose the water. Leave to circulate for a few hours before using the spa so that levels drop below 3p.p.m.


Chlorine: Bluewater Spacare Chlorine 1kg
Bluewater Spacare Chlorine 1kg
Bluewater Spacare Buff er 1kg
Bluewater Spacare Decrease 1kg
Bluewater Spacare Water Hardener 1kg
Palintest 3-in-1 Test strips

Bluewater Spacare Aromatherapy
Bluewater Spacare Filter Cleaner

We can also stock a Chlorine-Free alternative spa pool sanitation system, Baquacil, which offers effective and long lasting control of bacteria.

Spa care guide for your spa pool


  • Keep all chlorine and other chemicals in a cool dry place out of reach of children.
  • Do NOT mix chemicals.
  • Do NOT interchange container caps.
  • Add chemicals to water.
  • NEVER water to chemicals.


  • Immediately flush with water if chemicals contaminate eyes or skin..
  • If ingested DO NOT induce vomiting.
  • Give plenty of milk or water.
  • Seek medical advice.
  • Call the Hazardous Substance.
  • Emergency Line on 0800 243 622.

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